A-20.2, r. 1 - Commercial Aquaculture Regulation

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26. Not later than 15 February of each year, holders of an aquaculture licence and a permanent fishing pond licence must provide the Minister with a report on their activities for the preceding calendar year which must include
(1)  any change in the information required by section 3;
(2)  the production of the aquatic organisms cultivated, raised or kept in captivity for each species according to number or weight and size or age category, including
(a)  total supplies;
(b)  annual production of seeds, eggs, spats, cuttings, rhizomes, stolons or tubers and the total number of eggs or spats harvested;
(c)  cumulative losses;
(d)  in the case of an aquaculture licence, total sales broken down according to the purposes for which the aquatic organisms are to be used;
(e)  the estimated biomass of remaining fish at the end of the calendar year; and
(f)  in the case of a fishing pond licence,
i.  the total number of fish caught by fishers; and
ii.  the quantity of fish disposed of pursuant to the second paragraph of section 40;
(3)  the food used by food type, whether as dry or semi-moist food, live products or fertilizers, including product names and total quantities used; and
(4)  in the case of a land-based aquaculture licence, measurement of the operation’s average water flow rate.
The licence holder must submit the annual fees payable under Chapter II with the annual report.
O.C. 607-2008, s. 26.