A-2.1, r. 5 - Regulation respecting the procedure for selecting persons qualified for appointment as members of the Commission d’accès à l’information

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3. Candidates must send in a résumé containing the following information:
(1)  their name, home address and telephone number and, where applicable, their office address and telephone number;
(2)  their date of birth;
(3)  the college and university diplomas they hold;
(4)  if they are a member of a professional order, the year of admission to the order, proof of membership and the number of years of practice, along with the main sectors of activity in which they have worked;
(5)  a description of the activities through which they have acquired at least 10 years’ experience relevant to the position of member of the Commission;
(6)  any conviction for an indictable or criminal offence and any disciplinary decision made in their regard, together with a description of the offence or breach concerned and the penalty or disciplinary measure imposed;
(7)  any conviction for a penal offence, together with a description of the offence concerned and the penalty imposed, if there is reasonable cause to believe that such an offence is likely to call into question their integrity or impartiality or that of the Commission, affect their ability to perform their duties or undermine public trust in them;
(8)  the names of their employers or partners over the last 10 years; and
(9)  a summary of the reasons for their interest in the position of member of the Commission.
Candidates must also provide a written statement agreeing to inquiries being made of an educational institution they attended, a professional order to which they belong or belonged, their employers in the last 10 years, a disciplinary body, police authorities or any other party.
Decision 1384, s. 3.