A-14, r. 9 - Regulation respecting the tariff of fees and expenses of advocates in the course of providing certain legal services and the dispute settlement procedure

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6. Where a person receives the professional services of an advocate under Chapter III of the Act following a decision of the Commission, pursuant to section 61.1 of the Act, and those services are suspended or withdrawn, or if the person is no longer entitled to them or waives them, the advocate is remunerated according to the tariff for the services rendered until reception of the notice provided for in section 74 of the Regulation respecting the application of the Act respecting legal aid and the provision of certain other legal services (chapter A-14, r. 4), if applicable, and for the legal services rendered subsequently for the performance of conservatory acts necessary for the preservation of the rights of the person or required by the court.
M.O. 2960, s. 6.