A-13.3, r. 1 - Regulation respecting financial assistance for education expenses

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44. An amount is allocated to a student, as a supplement, if the student
(1)  obtained financial assistance for the preceding year of allocation under the loans and bursaries program and no contribution is required from the student pursuant to section 1 for the year of allocation; and
(2)  interrupts his or her full-time studies before the beginning of the year of allocation or during the year of allocation for a period not exceeding 4 months and resumes the studies before the end of the year of allocation.
The amount allocated as a supplement is established by subtracting the sum of the amounts referred to in subparagraphs 2 and 3 of the first paragraph of section 1 and half the student’s employment income referred to in Schedule I from the sum of the amount allocated pursuant to sections 7 to 9 and half the amount allocated pursuant to sections 2 to 5.
No amount is allocated to a student pursuant to this section if no expense is allowable pursuant to section 28 for one of the months in the year of allocation.
O.C. 344-2004, s. 44.