A-13.2, r. 1 - Financial Assistance Regulation

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3. An application for financial assistance to further the development of assistance services to victims of crime and, in particular, to ensure the establishment and maintenance of local assistance centres recognized in accordance with section 10 of the Act shall also contain the following particulars:
(1)  the nature of the services rendered in relation to the needs of the victims of crimes, the clientele covered, the territory served and the activities to be carried out with the financial assistance;
(2)  budget estimates to ensure the operation of the services, including an evaluation of the expenses to be incurred and the expected revenues;
(3)  the other applications for financial assistance made by the person or the organization, the amount requested and, where applicable, the amount received;
(4)  other sources of financing;
(5)  in the case of new services, a plan for their implementation, including a description of the activities and the deadline to be met for each activity;
(6)  the administrative structure of the organization of services, including an indication or the number of persons paid and unpaid and their respective duties.
O.C. 1876-88, s. 3.