F-3.3 - Act respecting the forestry fund

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chapter F-3.3
Act respecting the forestry fund
FORESTRY FUNDDecember 13 1993December 13 1993
Repealed, 1993, c. 55, s. 40.
1993, c. 55, s. 40.
1. A special fund is hereby established under the name of forestry fund .
1980, c. 8, s. 1.
2. The forestry fund shall be funded with the amounts collected by the Minister of Forests in accordance with section 6 and the amounts paid into it by the Minister of Finance out of the sums voted every year for that purpose by the Legislature.
1980, c. 8, s. 2; 1990, c. 64, s. 24.
3. The Minister of Finance is responsible for the management of the forestry fund.
1980, c. 8, s. 3.
4. The forestry fund and the revenues yielded by it shall be applied to the financing of works intended for maintaining, improving and increasing the production of ligneous matter on forest land in the public domain to ensure a permanent supply.
For that purpose, the Minister of Forests shall decide the nature and place of interventions related to forestry according to the productivity of the sites, the availability of ligneous matter, the distance of the sources of supply and the guarantees already granted.
1980, c. 8, s. 4; 1987, c. 23, s. 76; 1990, c. 64, s. 24.
5. At the request of the Minister of Forests and with the approval of the Government, the Minister of Finance shall pay, out of the forestry fund, the sums required for the planning and carrying out of the works.
1980, c. 8, s. 5; 1990, c. 64, s. 24.
6. The holder, under any title, of a licence or forest management permit issued under the Forest Act (chapter F-4.1) shall pay to the Minister an amount which cannot exceed $1 per cubic metre of wood cut by him on land in the public domain.
He shall also pay to the Minister, for each cubic metre of wood, a supplementary amount in respect of an increase in supply in ligneous matter granted to him pursuant to this act in a region where the Minister of Forests considers that the potential of forest exploitation for the year has already been entirely granted.
This section does not apply to the holders of management permits for the harvest of firewood.
1980, c. 8, s. 6; 1986, c. 108, s. 241; 1987, c. 23, s. 76; 1990, c. 64, s. 24.
7. The Government may make regulations
(1)  to fix the amount payable under the first paragraph of section 6;
(2)  to fix the amount payable under the second paragraph of section 6 based on the cost of the development of the whole region concerned;
(3)  to determine the time and terms and conditions for the payment of the amounts provided for in section 6.
The regulations shall be published in the Gazette officielle du Québec and they come into force on the date of their publication or on any later date fixed therein.
1980, c. 8, s. 7.
8. During the fiscal period 1984-1985 and, thereafter, every five years, the Minister of Forests shall draw up a statement of the condition of forests in Québec and table it before the National Assembly if it is in session or, if it is not, within thirty days of the opening of the next session or resumption.
1980, c. 8, s. 8; 1982, c. 62, s. 143; 1990, c. 64, s. 23.
9. (Omitted).
1980, c. 8, s. 9.
10. This Act shall operate notwithstanding the provisions of sections 2 and 7 to 15 of the Constitution Act, 1982 (Schedule B of the Canada Act, chapter 11 in the 1982 volume of the Acts of the Parliament of the United Kingdom).
1982, c. 21, s. 1.