E-3.3, r. 12.1 - List of electoral divisions with their name and their boundaries

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chapter E-3.3, r. 12.1
List of electoral divisions with their name and their boundaries
Election Act
(chapter E-3.3).
February 23 2017December 31 2999
1. The Commission de la représentation électorale establishs the boundaries of 125 electoral divisions and assigns names to them.
2017-02-23Decision 2017-02-23, s. 1.
2. The municipalities, Indian reserves and settlements, reserved lands, unorganized territories and their boundaries are those that existed on 31 January 2017.
2017-02-23Decision 2017-02-23, s. 2.
3. In the description of the electoral divisions, the name of a local municipality is occasionnaly followed by an abbreviation which refers to the designation of the municipality. The following list gives the abbreviations and their meaning.
CTcanton (township)
CUcantons unis (united townships)
EIétablissement indien (Indian settlement)
Mmunicipalité (municipality)
NOterritoire non organisé (unorganized territory)
Pparoisse (parish)
Rréserve indienne (Indian reserve)
TCterres réservées cries (Cree reserved territories)
TIterres réservées inuites (Inuit reserved territories)
TKterres réservées naskapies (Naskapi reserved territories)
Vville (town)
VCvillage cri (Cree village)
VKvillage naskapi (Naskapi village)
VNvillage nordique (northern village)
Where the words autoroute , avenue , boulevard , chemin , montée , rue , route , railway line , cycle path , overhead electric power line , lac , fleuve , rivière , and ruisseau are used, they refer to the median line unless provided otherwise.
2017-02-23Decision 2017-02-23, s. 3.
4. (Omitted).
2017-02-23Decision 2017-02-23, s. 4.
Decision 2017-02-23, Sch..
Decision 2017-02-23, 2017 G.O. 2, 259B